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Bigg Boss ott 2

Bigg Boss Ott 2 7th August 2023 Episode 45 Written Updates

The present Bigg Supervisor OTT 2 ninth August 2023 episode (Day 53) begins with a totally zapping tune that has everybody on their feet, hitting the dance floor with unrestrained happiness.

Manisha Rani converses with Jiya Shankar in the capacity region saying that her tendency is to play with individuals however she does it such that the contrary individuals know when she is certain or not.

Elvish and Abhi are in the nursery region kidding while Bebika comes there and sits with them.

Abhi messes with her that she is going gaga for him while she lets him know that individuals would be kicking the bucket outside to wed her.

Afterward, Manisha comes out wearing a salwar suit while Bebika tells Elvish how she is seeming to be his sort.

Elvish concurs that Manisha is solid yet it doesn’t imply that she resembles his sort.

Manisha gets some information about Elvish to Abhi who advises her to give him some time.

Afterward, Bebika discusses her oppressive relationship while Abhi attempts to kid about it disturbing Bebika.

Further, Bigg Manager brings snacks inside the BB House and lets the housemates know that a few visitors will come and will make video blogs with them to bring out for the crowd.

Vijay Kunal comes in and welcomes the housemates letting them know that they ought to make various kinds of chaat.

The housemates begin making various sorts of panipuri and Chaat for the visitor as they discuss what they will eat first subsequent to escaping the BB House.

Manisha states that she figures she will get to hear curses from Elvish’s sweetheart since she has been playing with him during the entire show.

A while later, Kunal makes chaat for the housemates who wonder over the flavor of having something Chatpata after so long.

Abhi lets Kunal know that this change was truly necessary after which Bigg Supervisor lets Kunal know that it is the ideal opportunity for him to leave.

Manisha and Elvish later talk and figure out their concern while he encourages her to avoid Bebika when she is close to home as Bebika doesn’t have any idea how to deal with it.

Subsequently, The Insane Indian foodie Debashree comes and welcomes the housemates while advising them to make a Lonavla-propelled sweet dish as she asks them what they might want to do in the wake of getting back.

She disappears after which Elvish and Bebika play with one another before Manisha.

Manisha inquires as to whether he doesn’t feel awkward with Bebika and he teasingly tells her that he enjoys Bebika’s organization more.

The last visitor, cook, and foodie vlogger Saloni goes into the house and welcomes the housemates.

She makes them concoct an intriguing dish after which Bigg Manager tells her that it is the ideal opportunity for her to leave.

Around evening time, Elvish prods Manisha by taking her image and making her pursue him for it.

Bebika and Abhi get into a contention indeed after which she leaves the nursery region and heads inside.

Elvish tells Manisha and Abhi to not prod Bebika a lot professing to be her man.

Be that as it may, Abhi and Manisha keep prodding her as they remind Elvish how he could have done without her from the start.

Elvish likewise begins prodding in his own specific manner alongside Bebika while Abhi and Jiya get going among themselves.

Abhishek asks Jiya for what good reason she is sitting with him now that the designations are finished yet Jiya gets irritated and begins to beat him with pads.

To get back at Abhi, Jiya says that she realizes he smells Bebika’a garments while Abhi becomes frightened and Elvish ridicules the commotions Abhi and Jiya make during their fake battle.

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