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Bigg Boss ott 2

Bigg Boss Ott 2 6th August 2023 Episode 44 Written Updates

The present Bigg Manager OTT 2 sixth August 2023 episode (Day 50) begins with Salman Khan acquainting the show with the crowd and afterward chatting with the candidates.

Salman Khan asks the challengers who all need to see the triumphant prize of the show and everybody pines for it so Salman Khan shows the prize to them with an extraordinary passage.

Further, Salman Khan inquires as to whether she wins and afterward he inquires as to whether Bebika wins.

Afterward, Salman Khan requests that Abhi give his triumphant discourse assuming he wins and Salman Khan additionally raises the question of “WILDCARD’S Excursion IS Simple” which Abhi said previously.

BB OTT 2 Contenders Observe Kinship DAY
Salman Khan lets the contender know that today is a kinship day and gives them the undertaking wherein they need to give a fellowship band to their dearest companion and need to shred the pic of the challenger which they at no point in the future need to see.

First comes, Avi who gives the band to Pooja and shreds Jiya’s picture.

Then, Jad also gives the band to Pooja and shreds Jiya’s picture.

Third goes Pooja who gave the band to Bebika and afterward shreds the pic of Abhi.

Bebika’s turn comes and she gives the band to Pooja and shreds the pic of Elvish.

Elvish gives the band to Manisha and shreds Bebika’s picture.

Then Manisha gives the band to Abhi and shreds Bebika’s picture.

Next comes Abhi who gives the band to Pooja and shreds Bebika’s picture.

Last comes Jiya who gives the band to Avi and shreds Bebika’s picture.

After the finish of the assignment, Salman Khan invites Raftaar to the show while Raftaar gives an excited presentation on the stage to the BiggBoss signature tune.

Nonetheless, Salman Khan acquaints Bebika with Raftaar and lets him know that she can do confront understanding when Bebika endeavors to peruse Raftaar’s face.

Further, Raftaar shows his adoration towards Abhi and Elvish as they are from Delhi NCR and Raftaar has a delicate corner for them.


Additionally, Raftar lets Salman know that he is likewise here to advance his most memorable series coming on Jio Film, and afterward Salman Khan invites Mahira Sharma, Sahil Satish Vaid, Sahil Khattar, and Tanuj Virwani.

Salman Khan then, at that point, invites Neha Kakkar into the house on her ‘Kala Chashma’ melody.

Further, he advises Neha Kakkar to go into the house yet before she arrives at the house, two challengers will be dispensed with.

Be that as it may, Salman Khan informs the hopefuls concerning the Twofold Disposal which shocks everybody.

Avinash Sachdeva and Jad Hadid get Removed while Abhi and Elvish say they’re sorry to Avinash leaving the house.

Afterward, Pooja Bhatt should be visible saying that both she and Bebika must areas of strength for be week.

In the mean time, Neha Kakkar goes into the BB house on a Balenciaga melody by Tony Kakkar which later gets blended in with the Kaala Chashma tune on which she shows her moves excitedly.

Neha Kakkar hands novel titles to the hopefuls after which Abhi converses with Elvish saying that his mom enlightened him concerning the negative PR that Elvish’s group is doing against him.

Abhi lets him know that he’s not confiding in it totally however he needs to see it first through his own eyes.

Then again, Elvish and Manisha are prodding one another and afterward unexpectedly begin to ridicule Abhi and Bebika’s closeness when they were embracing.

After some time Elvish is complimenting Jiya for being in the Main 6 while Abhi is ameliorated by Manisha when he says that he has turned into the antagonist of the house.

Before the lights are off, Elvish offers a humorous tale about his suit that he brought for 5K and needed to drive a young lady away since she got excessively close and was nearly demolishing his clothing.

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