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Bigg Boss Ott 2 3rd August 2023 Episode 41 Written Updates

The first scene of today’s Bigg Boss OTT 2 episode (Day 47), which airs on August 3, 2023, features all of the housemates waking up to a hip song and dance in the garden.

Avinash Sachdev attempts to converse with Jad Hadid yet gets disregarded making him befuddled.

Jiya Shankar later discussions to Avi and lets him know that she is certain Jad is annoyed with him simply because of him and her fixing up.

Jad converses with Pooja Bhatt who says that he doesn’t believe the contention and show should raise while Pooja lets him know that it is his choice.

Then again, Manisha Rani is reprimanding both Elvish Yadav and Abhishek Malhan teasingly letting them know that she dealt with them all along yet didn’t get a star from both of their loved ones.

The Captaincy Errand begins!
That’s what abhi jokes assuming they had a second star it would have most certainly been hers.

Further, Bigg Supervisor reports that it is the ideal opportunity for the captaincy errand and lets the housemates know that they will gather the organic products from the lines in the nursery region while Abhi and Pooja will be safeguarding their bins.

The housemates will give their ideal competitor the leafy foods even attempt to take from the other’s bushel.

Jad and Avi begin focusing on Abhi and pushing him which even harmed Abhi.

He keeps battling to safeguard his bushel while the other group equal breaks his container to take the natural products.

Abhi takes shots at Jad for falling on him while Jad jokingly apologizes saying that it was a mix-up.

Manisha and Elvish keep attempting to take from Pooja’s container according to their arrangement while Bebika Dhurve remains quiet despite the fact that she is an organizer.

Pooja picks Jad Hadid as her delegate
Jiya, being the other facilitator yells for Jad and Avi to stop since Abhi’s container is broken yet Jad doesn’t pay attention to her colloquialism he couldn’t care less.

Abhi advises Jiya to clarify for Jad to deal with himself since assuming he will push Jad, he will be tossed back to Lebanon.

Bigg Supervisor stops the undertaking and reprimands them while advising them that main the competitors should take and safeguard their bushels, not the housemates.

Pooja argues that her shoulder injury prevents her from engaging Abhi in combat.

BB inquires as to whether she needs a delegate and she picks Jad even subsequent to realizing that Abhi and Jad just had a battle.

The undertaking reaches a conclusion and Abhi turns into the champ of the assignment naturally because of the many measure of organic products in his bushel gathered by Manisha and Elvish.

Pooja lets him know that he got along nicely however he didn’t play well since he discussed the things he shouldn’t have.

Abhi tells her that crowd knows and couldn’t care less assuming she is making decisions in light of misinterpretations.

Abhi gets out a misconception with Avinash
Pooja heads inside and is trailed by Bebika while Avi converses with Abhi and lets him know that he didn’t push or hit him and that it was Jad who was excessively forceful.

Abhi apologizes to Avi while he says that he would have lashed out as well and backing him.

Pooja returns outside and lets them know that this is the young people of today while Abhi tells her that she can’t say that.

In any case, she reasons that she can since he is a delegate of the young while Abhi leaves expressing that he would rather not get decided by her.

Pooja later tells Avi that a petty win is not a win, so she should have just quit the job when she had the chance.

Abhi and others sit in the restroom region and cheer up their state of mind while Manisha says that they can gladly say that they won against Jad, an equivalent to Abhi.

Jiya advises Abhi to converse with Pooja once he finds the opportunity on his way while Abhi jokes that he has turned into a skipper now.

Abhishek wins the Tickt to Finale
Manisha comes there and educates them regarding Bebika’s dramatizations after which Abhi converses with Pooja about how he felt went after during the undertaking.

At night, Pooja gives a talk about winning the prize not being a victor and cries saying that she’ll remain a washout than follow a champ indiscriminately.

Simultaneously, Jiya jokes to Abhi and the companion bunch that they won since she was in their gathering supporting them.

Jiya opens up to Abhishek about Jad at the same time that she jokes with Abhi and the friend group about how she won because she was supporting them.

Jad later informs Pooja and others that Abhi had stated that he had brought a large number of his fans to watch Bigg Boss and was so confident about winning.

Everyone grimaces while Bebika later explains it with Abhi who makes sense of why he got out whatever he said.

Abhi says that what he said he implies and won’t hesitate to express it to everybody’s countenances.

In the nursery, Pooja is still onto the point that the other group won yet with terrible way of behaving while Jad concurs saying regardless of whether they lost, they lost it with poise.

Then again, Abhi and Jiya talk about the changing veils of everybody as Jiya reports she doesn’t feel frightened of anybody now.

Abhi tells that he doesn’t have the foggiest idea what was among her and Jad and used to think they are beau and sweetheart rather than a dad little girl.

In any case, Jiya says that everything began with him as it were.

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