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Bigg Boss ott 2

Bigg Boss Ott 2 31st July 2023 Episode 38 Written Updates

On Day 44 of Bigg Boss OTT 2’s 31 July 2023 episode, the housemates wake up to a trendy song.

While Pooja Bhatt talks to Bebika Dhurve about her conversation with Abhishek Malhan, Manisha Rani dances in her jail cell.

Bebika, on the other hand, continues to lament Abhi, Elvish Yadav, and Manisha Rani’s fearlessness as a result of their fan base.

Pooja leaves telling her that she’s guiding her outrage off course and passes on to see to the kitchen.

She and Jiya Shankar carry on their criticism of Manisha, claiming that she destroyed the kitchen.

Manisha teases them and tells Elvish to compliment Bebika to get her forgiveness. When Elvish goes to apologize to Bebika, she stays silent and leaves.

Afterward, Abhi sits with Jiya and they be a tease while Pooja lets him know that he looks so certifiable here giggling with Jiya while with his companion bunch, he appears to be phony.

Elvish keeps pursuing Bebika by and large around the house saying ‘sorry’ to her from his heart.

Abhi likewise sits with Bebika later in the room region and apologizes to her while telling her that Elvish didn’t intend to hurt her yet expressed a few things in stream.

While Abhi apologizes, stating that he felt the responsibility to stop it but was unable to, Bebika remains silent and remains in her shell.

Avinash Sachdev and Abhi additionally figure out their disparities and arrive at the place of understanding that they have various perspectives on things.

Pooja then again discusses the least second in her life being the point at which she went to liquor after the termination of her 11-year-old friendship.

Jiya and Abhi sit down to talk about how people are talking about their relationship. Abhi says that he thinks it’s just for jokes, but sometimes it makes him wonder if there is something going on. Jiya and Abhi are sitting down to talk about it.

Manisha and Abhi are summoned to the activity room, where they are instructed to select between Elvish and Jad Hadid.

The two of them reason that Jad in no way wants to win the show and name him while they save Elvish.

Pooja and Avinash are told to save one from Manisha and Bebika and they save Bebika.

Last but not least, Abhi and Avi are presented to Jad and Jiya when they are summoned into the activity room.

Jiya finds it difficult to do this because she wants to nominate Avi because he is an easier target in terms of the number of votes cast.

Notwithstanding, Jad will not designate Avi because of them having a kindly bond causing the two of them to contend.

When Bigg Boss informs them that they will be punished, they are unable to reach a conclusion.

Jad hesitantly concurs with Jiya and they select Avi.

Jiya, Jad, Avinash, and Manisha are this week’s nominated contestants on Bigg Boss.

They compliment Bebika, Abhi, Elvish, and Pooja for making it into the finale week.

Abhi is shocked when Jiya tells him later that she saved him from Avi.

Jad additionally converses with Avinash about Jiya naming him expressing that she needs to check whether individuals love him or not.

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