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Bigg Boss Ott 2 2nd August 2023 Episode 40 Written Updates

The present Bigg Manager OTT 2 first August 2023 episode (Day 45) begins with every one of the housemates awakening to an enthusiastic melody as they go to the nursery and dance.

Bebika Dhurve gets some information about the battle between Jad Hadid and Jiya Shankar.

While Bebika begins to side with Jad, Pooja states that Jiya wants to make it clear that she did not make a personal comment about Jad.

Further, Pooja sits with Avinash Sachdev and lets him know how Bebika is attempting to get the tattle.

Elvish Yadav and Abhishek Malhan tell Manisha Rani that the other team didn’t like the fact that she was happy even while she was in jail.

Manisha chuckles saying that they would rather not see her grinning while they discuss the other group being in an equal BB universe.

Surprises await Jad!
Abhi makes a joke about how Avinash will run to Pooja and tell her everything as he passes by.

Back in the kitchen, Manisha states that main she and Abhi are the ones who face Pooja.

Abhi jokes that Manisha’s influence will lead him to rebel against Pooja.

Afterward, the housemates hear a kid’s snicker and get inquisitive as they sit in the lounge room region.

They get amazed to see Jad’s girl on screen as she lets her dad know how her life is going and the amount she misses him.

Bigg Supervisor uncovers that today the BB House has transformed into BB Inn today and the visitors will be the relatives of the candidates.

Avinash explains that this is a captaincy task after reading the instructions.

Welcome to BB Lodging!
The hotel’s manager, Abhishek, will appoint the chef, housekeeper, and receptionist. Guests will be able to rate the housemate of their choice with the exception of a relative.

In the main round, Abhi makes Manisha the assistant and Jiya-Avi the gourmet expert with the rest being servants.

Pooja Sachdev, Avinash’s mother, laughs with Pooja Bhatt about their shared names as the guest enters the house.

While Pooja Bhatt argues that Manisha appears dishonest because she is supposed to stand at her receptionist’s desk, Abhi and Manisha begin showing her around the house.

In addition, Jad brings Pooja Sachdev a cup of iced coffee while Bebika and Pooja Bhatt give her a manicure and pedicure.

Before leaving, Pooja presents Pooja Bhatt with her star.

Abhi assigns Avinash the position of receptionist and Jiya-Manisha the position of chef in the subsequent round, with the other housemates serving as housekeepers.

The father of Manisha enters!
Manoj, Manisha’s father, comes in, and Manisha gets emotional when she sees him. She starts making fun of him and asks him if she will be kicked out of the house.

Pooja and her team become irritated when they observe Manisha’s joyous expression and contemptuous demeanor.

He lets Pooja know that he has provided his little girl with a great deal of habits while Pooja gestures saying that Manisha is in front of everybody.

Afterward, Manoj tells Manisha, Abhi, and Elvish that different housemates are attempting to isolate them however Abhi has kept the gathering intact.

Manisha jokes to Elvish that they ought to discuss their marriage now that her parent is there while Manoj jokes that Manisha is like that as it were.

Jad comes there and Manoj values him while Bebika comes there to serve him juice.

Manisha requests that Bebika read Manoj’s hand and she lets him know that he gets an opportunity of second marriage in his life fulfilling Manisha.

Prior to leaving, Manoj hits the dance floor with the housemates and gives his star to Abhi.

Abhishek is moved by Dimple Malhan’s appearance!
Manisha gives Abhi a hug and tells him how much her father appreciated their friendship.

Abhi cries getting profound while she embraces and advises him to be content since his folks will likewise come.

On the opposite end, Elvish sits alone by the entry entryway and trusts that his relatives will show up while getting profound.

While he speculates that either his or Abhi’s parents will follow, Pooja and Abhi console him.

Dimple welcomes everybody individually while particularly asking Elvish how he is since he got close to home when he saw his mom.

In the meantime, Dimple is praised by Manisha for appearing attractive and hot in comparison to them.

Dimple jokes with Pooja that Abhishek has started eating things he wouldn’t eat at home because of Bigg Boss’ house.

Dimple is also greeted by BB, who announces that she will stay overnight while everyone shows her around the house.

In the room region, Abhi embraces Dimple once more, crying while she solaces and wipes his tears with a napkin.

She lets him know that he has done a major accomplishment by supporting himself till currently in this house.

They discuss how well Abhi is doing, and everyone teases Jiya in an effort to impress Dimple.

All of a sudden, Elvish brings nourishment for Dimple and she causes him and Abhi to eat with her hands.

Around 7 PM, Bebika meets Dimple and says she was terrified to meet her since she has battled such a great amount with Abhishek.

Dimple comforts her as Jiya and Manisha pay attention to their discussion and they all express sorry to Bebika as she has been disturbed for the beyond couple of days.

Afterward, Dimple lets Abhi know that she could have done without him calling Avinash old and “nalla”.

Jad tells Mrs. Malhan that the fight between Abhi and Bebika caused all of them the most trouble, and that he used to have migraines while sleeping.

Dimple, on the other hand, informs Bebika that she just witnessed Abhi acting so aggressively here because he is the calmest of the group at home.

Bebika later tells Jad that Jiya was trying to get Dimple to believe she was engaged to Abhi. However, Dimple rudely told Bebika that BB was trying to make it look like that.

Abhishek desires victory!
When Avinash says that he cannot get her words out of his mind when she said I cannot let my friend go ahead, Jad calls Jiya cheap.

Pooja notices Jiya crying in the kitchen and talks to Jad about it.

After Dimple receives a manicure from Elvish, Abhi and Dimple resume private conversation.

Abhi expresses that for him, a trump card can never be a champ since the hardest fight is just in the initial fourteen days which is to change while his mom concurs with his perspective.

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