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Bigg Boss Ott 2 29th July 2023 Episode 36 Written Updates

The housemates wake up to the song “Paisa Paisa” in today’s Bigg Boss OTT 2 30th July 2023 episode (Day 42), which makes some of them laugh.

Bebika Dhruve sits with Abhishek Malhan and discusses how Jiya Shankar became envious when she mentioned Abhi flirting.

In addition, Pooja Bhatt demonstrates the dirt in the sink, and Abhi asserts that Aashika Bhatia performed the dishwashing duties.

Pooja disputes Aashika!
Aashika argues that she did it every day but forgot today, and Pooja says that if she doesn’t want to do it right, she shouldn’t do it.

As more housemates join in on the project, this argument grows in size.

Later, Jiya and Pooja are informed by Avinash Sachdev that Bebika is conversing with them despite always speaking against Abhi and his group in front of them.

They likewise discuss how Bebika consented to cook in spite of Abhi’s opposition.

In addition, Manisha Rani advises Abhi and Elvish Yadav to try making Bebika their new best friend in a sarcastic tone.

He calls Bebika into the room where they are sitting while Pooja and Jiya bother Bebika saying that she is becoming flushed.

Abhi says that he needs to eat Kheer while Manisha lets him know that Bebika will make it for him as she’s enamored with him.

Further, Abhi demands Bebika to make Kheer for him assuming she loves him and lets his group know that he will get Kheer today as it is his central goal.

Abhi is pleased to see the Kheer at night, but Bebika goes to sit with Pooja and complains that he ate half her head over it.

Bebika has changed?
She converses with Pooja about not feeling an association with Avi and Jiya any longer while Pooja tells her that she has adjusted her perspective in the wake of talking and sitting with Abhi for 60 minutes.

Pooja begins conversing with her with uninvolved forcefulness and taunts Bebika while telling her that she is being energetic about it as it were.

Further, Salman Khan welcomes the housemates and the crowd letting them know that India has an alternate kind of regard since they for the most part live in family units which incorporate a great deal of their elderly folks.

He lets them know that he will discuss something today that they probably won’t like and says that OTT additionally needs restriction.

Salman discusses his most minimal times and how he buckled down through every last bit of it.

He gets some information about it and advises them to discuss their most reduced times.

While Jiya reveals that she has not experienced any low points in her career up to this point, Salman slams Bebika Pooja for talking about her time on Bigg Boss and how she got a second chance.

When Salman comes to talk to Bebika, she tells him that her career has just begun.

He advises her to let everybody know that her least time is the 6th week in Bigg Supervisor OTT and advises the housemates to discuss the terrible things they have done for this present week.

In addition, he instructs Manisha and Bebika to reenact the battle that took place during the Angel VS. Devil task and reminds them that Devil is merely for entertainment.

He explains to Bebika that no matter who they are, they do not have the right to hit or disrespect anyone.

Manisha discusses Bebika pushing her multiple times in the errand and Salman advises them to reenact their battle.

Bebika says that she is being driven into the negative spotlight while Salman tells her that nobody is making it happen except for herself.

He tells her that she will go far from now on and jokingly expresses that she has worked really hard this week and will win this show and each and every other show.

While Salman assures her that he is also willing to listen and assures the housemates that he will be back in a while, Bebika argues that that is not the case.

Elvish gets educated
Abhi advises Bebika to pay attention to Salman’s recommendation while taking Elvish to the kitchen and says that he ought to likewise pay attention to everything Salman says to him.

When Salman comes back, he questions Abhi about his conversation with Elvish and slams him for believing that the team follows his decisions both off-camera and on-camera.

In addition, Salman mocks Elvish for blaming the language for his cursing and reminds them that the walls of Bigg Boss have more than a hundred cameras in addition to ears.

Salman proceeds to advise Manisha to uncover the entire discussion to Pooja and the other challengers while she grins.

He tells her that she is still smiling and that she could have left the conversation, but she sat there smiling as Elvish kept yelling at Bebika.

Salman shows everyone the video in which Abhi, Elvish, and Manisha rant and rave about Bebika, with Elvish uttering indescribable insults.

Salman asks out loud how many followers he has and wonders whether he wants to grow or shrink.

Elvish acknowledges his error while Salman inquires as to whether having devotees give them the pass to do anything.

Salman says that the real Army is the one at the border, not the one defending him on Twitter.

In addition, Elvish’s mother joins the video call.

Elvish beginnings crying and conceals his face while Salman guarantees him that his mom has not been shown the entire discussion.

Salman tells her that Elvish is feeling the loss of her and crying on account of that while she says that she trusts her child does beneficial things inside the house.

The mother leaves and Salman tells Elvish that he ought to apologize as the screen goes dark.

Bebika inquires of Pooja and Jiya as to why they did not inform her, and the two respond that she would have caused a significant scene.

Abhi and Manisha instruct Elvish to accept Bebika’s statements and apologize to her.

Bebika is called a narcissist and told by Pooja that she is certain the conversation would not have escalated without Manisha.

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