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Bigg Boss Ott 2 23rd July 2023 Episode 30 Written Updates

oday’s Bigg Supervisor OTT 2 22nd July 2023 episode (Day 35) begins with Salman Khan welcoming the crowd and telling about the adjustment of climate since Pooja Bhatt turned into the commander.

Inside the house, Pooja is telling Bebika Dhurve that Manisha Rani won’t make breakfast and asks her what she has anticipated lunch.

Bebika and Pooja contend?
Bebika advises her to ask the entire house and afterward advise her what to make since the chief advises her what to make.

Pooja tells her to not play this game with her and orders her to make a similar menu she had made the earlier day.

Bebika goes to Falaq Naaz and Avinash Sachdev attempting to get individuals on her side however Falaq begins contending with her main telling her that she is taking Pooja wrongly.

In the interim, Aashika Bhatia gets prodded by Abhishek Malhan, Elvish Yadav, and Manisha Rani who joke that they will get more tidbits and espresso assuming she gets killed.

She advises Abhi that he utilizes benevolence to win battles and is two-wayed with the candidates which upset Abhi.

Bebika and Pooja sit together and figure out their contentions while Aashika likewise apologizes to Abhi for saying that he is too kind in the incorrect manner.

While Elvish is taking Parantha’s, Falaq remarks on it making him upset.

He tells her that she ought to work in his NGO since he doesn’t have the foggiest idea how to compute things when they are eating.

Elvish goes up against her while she says that it is his misconception and leaves from that point to blabber to Jiya Shankar and Avi.

In the interim, Elvish discussions to Manisha and Abhi about how Falaq is posing a viewpoint from nothing.

Afterward, Manisha sits with Jad Hadid and inquires as to whether he’s furious with her as a result of yesterday while he tells her that he doesn’t mind as he anticipated it.

He tells her that everything is for the camera with regards to her and that his words don’t hold worth to her any longer.

She gets profound and leaves while Jad informs her to not cry.

Manisha feels hurt
Bebika converses with Aashika and inquires as to whether she saw Manisha’s character changing and her veil slipping while Aashika says that in any event, when she met Manisha outside, she was as yet her effervescent character.

Abhi, Aashika, and Manisha are sitting together later as the young ladies bother Abhi that Bebika has subliminally begun loving him.

He gives a flying kiss to Bebika while she cuts up his fanciful kiss tossing it in the dustbin while Abhi wryly apologizes to God for such a transgression.

Simultaneously, Jiya likewise plunks down with Jad needing conclusion and cries while uncovering that she gets envious when he concentrates on another person.

Abhi goes to sit with Bebika and prods her while Pooja comes to them and lets them know that they battle in their adolescence and afterward return together which is the reason they can’t remain conscious from one another.

He flippantly inquires as to whether they have that much love between them while she smacks him like a fly.

Further into the evening, Jad educates the housemates concerning how Aashika was resting making them snicker.

Bebika, Jiya, Avi, and Falaq bother one another and ruin the other housemate’s rest.

Subsequently, Salman Khan welcomes the housemates and advises Avi to bring something from the extra space.

Salman schools Jiya
Avi brings a bowl of stew powder and water while asking Jiya who ought to polish off it.

Jiya snickers as she lets him know that she ought to as she probably is aware she committed the senseless error of adding cleanser in Elvish’s water.

Salman advises Jiya to leave it and presents the elements of the handwash while advising her that they are extremely poisonous.

He inquires as to whether she has at any point played with the homeless canines she has experienced in her life and tells her that even the canines are given clear water.

Salman discusses how Jiya even partook in Elvish’s affliction and allowed him to hydrate.

He says that he despises observers and gets some information about the cleanser being added to the glass of water.

The housemates lift their hands while Salman asks Avi for what valid reason he snickered and didn’t caution Elvish even subsequent to being familiar with it.

Salman reminds Jiya that she was grinning all through all that and didn’t show an ounce of responsibility while Jiya keeps on grinning saying that she is as yet feeling regretful.

The screen goes clear while Jiya again apologizes to Elvish who acknowledges the conciliatory sentiment smoothly.

In the mean time, Pooja calls attention to how Falaq has particular annoyance since she would have flipped out of resentment assuming somebody had done this to Jiya.

Further, the housemates are given an undertaking where need to choose one challenger whom they believe is two-timing.

Jiya is chosen the most as the double dealing contender.

The assignment closes and Falaq apologizes to Pooja for not conversing with her again while Pooja informs her to not stress.

Salman welcomes the housemates indeed and asks Avi for what reason he thinks Aashika and Abhi think of him as phony.

He says that he needs to uncover just a single competitor and advises the housemates to figure.

Numerous competitors take Manisha’s name while Salman explains that she isn’t wearing any sort of veil yet has a shop brimming with covers.

He asks them why should this matter at all is she has companionship and battles for her benefit.

Salman says that Manisha impacts Aashika and Elvish for her own advantage and that there is nothing out of sorts since that is what the game is.

He likewise discusses how Manisha is attempting to play Love Master and encourages her to not do it since she is driving it on the candidates and the crowd.

Salman leaves while Abhi and Pooja console Manisha making sense of for her everything Salman was attempting to say to her.

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