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Bigg Boss Ott 2 19th July 2023 Episode 26 Written Updates

The present Bigg Manager OTT 2 eighteenth July 2023 episode (Day 31) begins with every one of the housemates awakening to a lively melody as they awaken and go to the nursery to move.

Elvish Yadav and Pooja Bhatt discuss how she halted Falaq Naaz when she attempted to mediate in Elvish and Jiya Shankar’s battle.

Abhi-Manisha’s prodding!
Then again, Abhishek Malhan prods Bebika Dhurve inquiring as to whether she needs to provide a mass request for all her shimmering outfits while she jokes back wryly letting him know that she has been wearing stars since she was wearing diapers.

He tells her that he will take examples from her on the most proficient method to develop beautiful connections inside the house and goes to prod Aashika Bhatia.

Simultaneously, Falaq and Jiya are discussing Abhi preferring Aashika while Jiya says that she didn’t think he enjoyed that sort of young lady.

Falaq asks him what she implies while Jiya begins chuckling apprehensively as she says that she doesn’t think Aashika is shrewd.

Afterward, Elvish lights a fire between Manisha Rani and Bebika by taking the star cut that Bebika provided for Manisha from her and returning it to Bebika.

Nonetheless, Pooja intercedes telling them to not be silly and worth what was given to them by another person as she returns the star clasp to her.

Bebika later cooks while saying that assuming there is sentiment among her and Elvish, it will be an experienced soul sort of adoration.

Manisha makes Bebika desirous
Simultaneously, Manisha comes there holding Elvish’s hand with the aim to make Bebika desirous.

Afterward, Bebika and Elvish sit and talk while Manisha and Abhi see them and discuss them.

Bebika and Elvish proceed to sit with Pooja and Aashika while Manisha and Abhi go to sit with them.

Manisha tells Elvish to take care of her with his own hands while he says that Manisha and Bebika ought to fix up.

Aashika chuckles telling Manisha and Elvish to not flinch while Manisha tells her later that she feels awkward when they ridicule her before somebody who isn’t their companion.

Afterward, Bigg Manager calls every one of the housemates into the residing region and lets them know that the ravenous lion and got away and taken cover in their action room.

On occasion, the hopefuls will turn into the lion’s food them Abhi to bring something from the extra space.

He carries the mementos with the hopeful’s countenances on them while Bigg Manager lets them know that the contender whose face is on the memento will rely upon the individual wearing the memento.

Designation task turns tables!
There will be six rounds and toward the finish of every alarm, the person who wishes to name their appointed memento housemate can approach and take care of the expressed contender to the Bhookha Sher.

Pooja Bhatt and Bebika Dhurve get each other’s memento while Falaq Naaz gets Elvish’s memento.

Avinash gets Aashika Bhatia, Elvish gets Avinash, Aashika gets Jad Hadid, Jad gets Jiya Shankar, Jiya gets Abhishek Malhan and Abhi get Falaq.

In the main round, Falaq selects Elvish saying that he is impolite with his words and crosses his line.

Elvish sits in the lion’s mouth while nothing occurs and he stands up.

Abhi impacts Jad Hadid letting him know that he would have certainly saved Jiya assuming he had her memento.

He proceeds to attempt to impact Bebika, Falaq, and Jiya advising them to designate their memento candidates.

Manisha lets Jad know that she is attempting to persuade Aashika to not designate him while Aashika and Abhi advise him to select Jiya.

Simultaneously, Bebika and Avinash Sachdev attempt to persuade Jiya to select Abhi thinking that he really wants a rude awakening.

In the following round, Avi names Aashiqa thinking that he doesn’t get what she is attempting to do.

Jad turns on Jia?
Afterward, Pooja converses with Jad and lets him know that the thing Abhi said about Avi is valid for him as he just battles with young ladies.

Abhi battles with Bebika as she continues to let him know that he has a bigger number of devotees than her.

Afterward, Abhi lets Jiya know that his heart will be harmed assuming she chooses him.

In the following round, Elvish designates Avi with the reasons that he enjoys Falaq and that Avi can be a thistle in his way.

Everybody snickers at the reasons while Manisha heads outside and jokes that Elvish is playing with four individuals on the double.

Jad tells her that she gets no opportunity with Elvish while Pooja says that she and Elvish are in an open relationship.

Aashika chooses Jad and says that she believes Jad should play the game as a game and not do the fellowship game with Jiya.

Avi begins talking senseless about Elvish while Bebika snickers telling Falaq that Elvish has stirred Avi.

Bebika tells Jiya that Jad will truly begin his game assuming he assigns her today.

In the following round, Jad assigns Jiya and lets different housemates know that this is to show them that regardless of what happens they will continuously be companions.

Jad says thanks to Abhi for affecting him while Abhi reasons that main those get impacted who have considered it in their psyches.

Bebika converses with Falaq and tells her that Manisha is attempting to genuinely control Elvish into a heartfelt point with her.

In the last round, Abhi chooses Falaq.

Bigg Manager reports that the selected contenders are Falaq, Jiya, Jad, Avi, Aashika, and Elvish.

Around evening time, Jiya inquires as to whether he got back at her and he tells her that he likewise believed that her should be amazed.

Pooja discovers that Bebika twisted Abhi’s image while Manisha contends with Bebika over food.

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