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Bigg Boss Ott 2 14th July 2023 Episode 21 Written Updates

Manisha and Avinash are competitors for captaincy!
The third round begins and Manisha sends Avinash out while advising Jad to give two characteristics of himself.

The understudies advise Manisha to interpret his words and chuckle when she battles with deciphering the word Humble.

At the point when Jad attempts to remove his shirt posting his abs as a quality, Manisha sends him back to his seat.

Jiya doesn’t answer Manisha and gets removed from the class.

Both Avi and Jiya battle for tiffins even after the class closes and Avi wins eventually.

Avi eliminates Pooja from the captaincy expressing that he believes Jad should get one more opportunity at captaincy.

Subsequently, Bebika sits with Manisha and educates her that Abhishek doesn’t talk regarding her the manner in which he converses with Manisha and states that she personally has heard Abhi discussing her family and her childhood to different challengers.

Bebika begins her class in the following round and Avinash, Falaq, Jiya, and Abhishek overlook her while doing their own irrationality.

They keep on disregarding her while Bebika attempts to definitely stand out.

Toward the finish of the assignment, Jad and Pooja give two roses to Bebika each while Jiya has the opportunity to eliminate somebody from the race.

Jiya lets Jad know that she adores him yet eliminates him from the captaincy race thinking that he is excessively discretionary and isn’t playing the game.

Eventually, Bigg Manager asks Bebika and Manisha the number of roses they that have gotten and Manisha wins against Bebika.

Bigg Manager reports that the two competitors for captaincy are Manisha and Avinash.

Afterward, Bebika tirades to Jad while Abhi sits to eat with Manisha and advises her that he needs to see her become a chief before Avinash.

Then again, Avi inquires as to whether he is frantic at Jiya and he says that he isn’t vexed however he is furious that she didn’t pick him on account of his discretion.

Jad is frustrated in Jiya
Manisha tells Abhi that Jiya eliminated Jad on the grounds that she realized Jad wouldn’t tell her anything while Avinash would have berated her in the event that she had not saved him.

Jiya attempts to converse with Jad however he tells her that he is disheartened.

She begins conversing with Avi and Falaq saying that Jad is blowing up while Falaq upholds Jad saying that everybody has various ways of articulating their thoughts.

Around evening time, Falaq sits with Jad and converses with him while he tells her how Jiya depicted Avi as a terrible companion before him and afterward picked him over Jad which frustrated him.

Jad goes to the nursery to clear his head while Jiya comes there and stands up to him.

He inquires as to whether she needs to break their fellowship and she lets him know that she can’t break connections that without any problem.

She reasons that she is additionally overflowing with outrage each time he converses with Bebika while Jad smoothly tells her that he isn’t alright with what happened today.

She begins conversing with him annoyingly while letting him know that she provided him with the place of her dad when she doesn’t have a dad.

He additionally tells her that he put her close to his girl.

Jiya lets him know that Shankar isn’t her last name or her dad’s name and that she is uncovering it before the entire public TV.

Avi goes to converse with Jad while Manisha and Bebika discuss how the other gathering is controlling and utilizing Jad’s guiltlessness.

Jad goes to Jiya and embraces her as she shouts out her feelings letting him know that she can’t lose him as she has the most flawless bond with him.

Then again, Pooja converses with Manisha about how she could have done without Abhi, Falaq, and Avi’s response when they discussed irrelevant things when Bebika was crying before them.

Manisha goes to Abhi and discusses everything Pooja said to her while Abhi says that he didn’t anticipate this from her.

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